Square Enix Attack Translation Project FF Type-0 Fans!

Square Enix Attack Translation Project FF Type-0 Fans!

A very understandable frustration, nothing more annoying than finding that the game you anticipated was not released in a language you can understand. A case that is often encountered in exclusive Japanese games. Strange indeed, apart from the enthusiasm of gamers outside the region who openly want to play these products, not a few publishers who just ignore it. One of them is the case in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Type-0. Released for the legacy handheld – PSP for a long time, no sign of Square Enix will do the translation process for it. Enough to make fans of this series do it yourself you can download on dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

Translation projects made by fans who have been running long enough to be the only way for gamers outside the Japanese region to enjoy the FF Type-0. But instead of supporting the potentially enlarging effort of this game, Square Enix is ​​pursuing an unpopular policy, which shows their impartiality to gamers as a major consumer power. The fan translation project called Operation Doomtrain was finally withdrawn from the virtual world and can no longer be downloaded freely. True, Square Enix decided to “kill it” and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack on http://zngamehack.com/dragonballzdokkanbattlegen/ .

Square Enix does not provide any confirmation yet, but this information slid from the mouth of the Operation Doomtrain translation team itself on the SkyBladeCloud site. Although not explicitly naming Square Enix, the translation team admitted that there was an outside force that finally managed to get them to pull the post and page of the project. Something that is of course very unfortunate.

Square Enix itself has confirmed that the Final Fantasy Type-0 translation process is going to slide in the future, but in the form of HD-Remaster for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, not for PSP. As can be predicted, step demands on the translation team of fans is of course began to reap negative reactions from among gamers in cyberspace. Oh Square Enix …

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