Origin EA No Longer Serves Physical Disc Game

Origin EA No Longer Serves Physical Disc Game

Many argue that the future of the gaming world does lead to the digital age. The gamers will no longer buy games in physical form, such as discs, but download it directly to their console or PC.

But to realize it, of course required other supporting factors that qualified, such as internet connection. Even so, EA through its Origin sure can make it happen soon. EA Party announced that starting April 4, 2014, clash royale will only sell games in digital format.


“If you belong to 99 percent of our users, nothing will change. Your shopping experience will not change one bit. But if you belong to the 1 percent who still want a physical game collection, we want you to know that we can not fulfill that, “EA said in a statement in Origin.

This means that PC and Mac gamers can no longer buy games in the form of discs in Origin. However, gamers who still want to collect the physical version can still buy it at other retailers. “clash royale astuces focuses on giving the best gaming experience, and being all digital will make it happen.”

There is nothing wrong with buying games in digital form. However, of course most of you agree that spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars will feel more meaningful if purchased goods have box and other additional content. At least, as a collection. What do you think?

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