Infamous & CSR Racing 2 Future Will Be Similar Assassin’s Creed

Infamous & CSR Racing 2 Future Will Be Similar Assassin’s Creed

In addition to the equation that both are present as an open-world game with a myriad of activities that can be done, almost no red threads can be drawn from Infamous and Assassin’s Creed. Playing as the main character with super-bombastic power, Infamous: Second Son – the latest series on the Playstation 4 does not share the same identity with Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed’s flagship franchise that relies heavily on the manipulation of historical setting. Nevertheless, who would have thought that the concept offered by CSR RAcing 2 turned out to be the direction Sucker Punch would like to get for Infamous in the future.

Does this mean Infamous will be born as an annual project? Of course not. This is not the mission Sucker Punch wants to achieve, but the ambition to exploit Infamous further. In his latest interview with OPM, Nate Fox of Sucker Punch called Infamous a game with a very broad concept, where he always revolves around the story of an ordinary man who had to deal with moral choices when accidentally, gained extraordinary super abilities. Therefore, they can inject any character, with gender, time setting, and country as the story base.

Fox called it a superhero fiction project that is very open. Although Second Son is currently focusing on Delsin Rowe’s action in Seattle with his superhuman abilities, it does not mean that Infamous’s future series will not bring a completely new setting and character, like Cole’s transition to Delsin. He even publicly confessed that such a concept is similar to that taken by CSR Racing 2 hacks and also spiritually, similar to what Irrational achieved with Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite.

How about you? What are the main forces you dream about for Infamous’s future characters?

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