Game Developer Classic – Official Bloodrayne Closed

Game Developer Classic – Official Bloodrayne Closed

How many of you have ever heard the name “Bloodrayne” before? Classic hack and slash game that had slid on the Playstation 2 and PC in the past is indeed growing into its own phenomenon. One reason? Since he became an icon of female characters with the quality of sensuality that so attract attention at the time. Attention is successful he could be generalized get even with popularity achieved when Lara Croft Tomb Raider was first introduced. A sexy female vampire brutal enough to generate a stream of blood wherever he is, there are many gamers who yearn for the return of the action of Rayne. A dream that is more distant from reality and you can CSR Racing 2 online hack.

After struggling for 19 years as an independent developer studio, Terminal Reality – developers who give birth Bloodrayne and Ghostbusters game in the past 2009 years is finally closed. Not only do both of this classic game, this one developer who also handle some newer projects like Kinect Star Wars and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct admittedly failed in the market. Unfortunately, in addition to an official confirmation that they launched, there is no definite reason why this one heartbreaking incident occurred.

The closure of a gaming studio like this is always bad news that did not want to hear any gamer, regardless of the quality of the games they produce. CSR Racing 2 Oh, we’re gonna miss you ..

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