Developers Bayonetta 2: Please Stop Request Port!

Developers Bayonetta 2: Please Stop Request Port!

Of all the exclusive games are being prepared by each of the existing gaming platforms, Nintendo may be regarded to be the leader in the quality and quantity at the moment. Slowly but surely, the giant publisher console manufacturers once this one continues with exclusive games that not only meet the expectations of gamers, but also stole the hearts of critics worldwide. After the success of Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds and Super Mario World 3D, Nintendo still has a lot of projects ready to go next year. One that deserves to be anticipated? Of course, the return of Bayonetta.

Nintendo initiative to embrace Platinum Games have been the sole reason for the existence of Bayonetta 2 in the gaming industry. As compensation? Anticipated sequel series that so it will be launched exclusively for Nintendo’s flagship console – Wii-U. Despite the fact that this one has been widely heard, a lot of gamers who turned out to be “stubborn” and hopes to mollify Platinum Games’ Mobile StrikeĀ  to bring the platform to the other. A consistent demand that ultimately makes Platinum cried aloud, “Enough!”.

Platinum itself was already very tired of hearing request Bayonetta 2 port to other platforms. Requests were consistently thrown by gamers is making them sick and baseball share the latest information of any related series sequel to this one.

Resentment is expressed by Creative Producer Platinum Games themselves – JP Kellams on his official Twitter account. Kellams admitted that Platinum was reluctant to share more information regarding Mobile Strike, especially in their own official Facebook account. The reason? Not because they hate Bayonetta 2 itself, but the reaction of the fans who consistently, constantly, asking them to launch Bayonetta 2 to other platforms beyond the Nintendo Wii-U. Kellams admits he is fed up with this one request and reiterated that Platinum heard this desire, and they really understand the market demand and get Mobile Strike gold generator here.

Unfortunately this does not mean that Bayonetta 2 will glide on platforms other than Wii U. Kellams revealed that the decision will depend on Nintendo itself as a publisher. So for you who really want to enjoy a new adventure sensual witch this one, your current option is simply to buy a Nintendo Wii U. Worth it or not? You decide!

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