Battlefield 4 Problems Will Drag EA to this aspect of the law?

Battlefield 4 Problems Will Drag EA to this aspect of the law?

Just got the good news that is enough to “neutralize” a bit of a bad perception that is always around him, a bad news back sliding of the giant game publisher – EA. Apart from a great franchise that they had given birth this year, some of the games EA does have to deal with a myriad of crucial problems actually more harm their image. Unpreparedness server SimCity consumer harm in the middle of the year, is now paid to the fact that a similar case occurred in walking dead road to survival. Crash that consistently happens to make EA targets of anger. Not only that, they are now prone caught in legal problems.

A law firm РHolzer and fistula, LLC currently carrying out an in-depth investigative process to drag EA into law. Publisher class game Dead Space, FIFA, and Crysis is considered to have thrown the wrong information to investors and analysts regarding the quality standards of their latest game РBattlefield 4. The investigation will be focused on the statement made EA from the period of July 24, 2013 РDecember 4, 2013 , whether in accordance with which they produce or not. The shareholders who are interested to participate in the process of this investigation can contact Holzer and fistula, walking dead road to survival  directly.
Battlefield 4 Issues Unresolved interesting one reputable law firm to study the case and open the option of dragging it into law publisher.

With a series of patches that do not solve the problem Battlefield 4 in cross platform: PC and next-gen consoles, EA is now indeed at stake. Their previous statements which had assured that they were ready to sacrifice their game projects in the future to resolve this issue focus instead end up like a boomerang. Can walking dead road to survival hack online ?

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