Battlefield 4 Performance Single-Player Gameplay Trailer New!

Battlefield 4 Performance Single-Player Gameplay Trailer New!

Hot fight between the two biggest FPS franchise in the gaming industry is counting the weeks stay. No need to wait until the release, open competition has even been seen today. As we know, Activision has just released a single player trailer for COD: Ghosts and showed so many cinematic scenes. Apart from the lack of recognition that highlights DICE Battlefield ability to compete in the story, but they did not stop. After the stunning multiplayer experience in the beta, DICE is now trying to attract gamers to the single player NBA Live Mobile coins free

Trailer 2 minutes of this is giving so much new content for fans of Battlefield 4, including a variety of conflicts and characters who had only seen in the screenshots and the teaser for this. The figure of female warrior character – Huang “Hanna” Shuyi also likely to play a super important role in this single player. Full blast fragments, visualization engine Frostbite Engine 3.0 is outstanding, and a variety of looks evocative dramatization proves Battlefield 4’s readiness to compete in this one mode on NBA Live Mobile.

Interestingly again? DICE also pinned Graves scene being mercilessly hit a dog in the later sections of the trailer. A coincidence? Or hidden message for the franchise competitors this year is to make the existence of a dog as the value of new sales? Well played, DICE!

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