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Month: May 2017

Batman Demo: Arkham Knight PS 4 Running on PC?

Batman Demo: Arkham Knight PS 4 Running on PC?

Amazing visual quality with the introduction of new gameplay mechanics, Batman: Arkham Knight seems to be a series of Batman that we have been craving for. The fact that the development process eventually fell back into the hands of Mobile Legends Studios seems to be a guarantee that Arkham Knight will look fabulous, especially with the development focus that eventually kicked the platform of the last generation of the release platform. Anticipation strengthened after a brief demo gameplay presentation thrown at Sony’s main event at E3 2014 yesterday, showing in-game Batmobile action for the first time. But instead of playing on Playstation 4, Rocksteady confirmed that the demo itself is run on PC.

As was the case with the Titanfall Xbox One demo at E3 2013 ago, similar cases also happened in Sony and Playstation 4 at this year’s E3 event. In a small demo session along with the gaming site – Gamespot, Brand Marketing Producer from Rockstead – Dax Ginn publicly stated that the demo running on Sony comes from the PC version, regardless of the HUD input button that may have been adapted to the identity of the Sony controller. At the same time, Ginn also confirmed that Mobile Legends  is still carrying Unreal Engine 3 as the basic engine, of course, of course – with improved improvements.

Batman: Arkham Knight must be admitted is one of the most visually stunning game next-gen in the event E3 2014 yesterday. Details Batman and Gotham, the effects of light generated from rain, to a series of stunning-looking acts do make it a worthy project to anticipate. But with the fact that this is all offered from the PC as the strongest gaming platform today, there is a fear that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions – which are in fact weaker on the specs side, will experience a decrease in visual quality. Reasonable concerns of course.

Will the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions offer the same visual quality as the Arkham Knight demo on E3 2014? We wait for their work in 2015.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & NBA Live Mobile Show 15 Minutes Gameplay

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & NBA Live Mobile Show 15 Minutes Gameplay

Accompanying the presence of his film which will air in the next few days, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also slid in the form of games. To give an idea to the curious gamers, a 15-minute gameplay trailer is available.

This video is a gameplay of NBA Live Mobile Xbox 360 version. As is known, the game will also be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, and Nintendo Wii U on April 29 in the United States.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was developed by Beenox. In addition, there is also a version of Nintendo 3DS developed by High Voltage Software. As for the iOS and Android version developed by Gameloft.

This game is a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man which was released in 2012 ago. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brings the concept of free-roam third-person action. Manhattan City itself has been further maximized to facilitate gamers’ freedom in exploring the map. Not only that, Beenox also promises new abilities, upgrade features, up to several challenges in the game.

In the video gamers can see how How to hack NBA Live Mobile  swings from one building to another until the fighting system in the game. At least, this video can be a reference whether you will buy The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or not.