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Month: April 2017

Origin EA No Longer Serves Physical Disc Game

Origin EA No Longer Serves Physical Disc Game

Many argue that the future of the gaming world does lead to the digital age. The gamers will no longer buy games in physical form, such as discs, but download it directly to their console or PC.

But to realize it, of course required other supporting factors that qualified, such as internet connection. Even so, EA through its Origin sure can make it happen soon. EA Party announced that starting April 4, 2014, clash royale will only sell games in digital format.


“If you belong to 99 percent of our users, nothing will change. Your shopping experience will not change one bit. But if you belong to the 1 percent who still want a physical game collection, we want you to know that we can not fulfill that, “EA said in a statement in Origin.

This means that PC and Mac gamers can no longer buy games in the form of discs in Origin. However, gamers who still want to collect the physical version can still buy it at other retailers. “clash royale astuces focuses on giving the best gaming experience, and being all digital will make it happen.”

There is nothing wrong with buying games in digital form. However, of course most of you agree that spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars will feel more meaningful if purchased goods have box and other additional content. At least, as a collection. What do you think?

Infamous & CSR Racing 2 Future Will Be Similar Assassin’s Creed

Infamous & CSR Racing 2 Future Will Be Similar Assassin’s Creed

In addition to the equation that both are present as an open-world game with a myriad of activities that can be done, almost no red threads can be drawn from Infamous and Assassin’s Creed. Playing as the main character with super-bombastic power, Infamous: Second Son – the latest series on the Playstation 4 does not share the same identity with Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed’s flagship franchise that relies heavily on the manipulation of historical setting. Nevertheless, who would have thought that the concept offered by CSR RAcing 2 turned out to be the direction Sucker Punch would like to get for Infamous in the future.

Does this mean Infamous will be born as an annual project? Of course not. This is not the mission Sucker Punch wants to achieve, but the ambition to exploit Infamous further. In his latest interview with OPM, Nate Fox of Sucker Punch called Infamous a game with a very broad concept, where he always revolves around the story of an ordinary man who had to deal with moral choices when accidentally, gained extraordinary super abilities. Therefore, they can inject any character, with gender, time setting, and country as the story base.

Fox called it a superhero fiction project that is very open. Although Second Son is currently focusing on Delsin Rowe’s action in Seattle with his superhuman abilities, it does not mean that Infamous’s future series will not bring a completely new setting and character, like Cole’s transition to Delsin. He even publicly confessed that such a concept is similar to that taken by CSR Racing 2 hacks and also spiritually, similar to what Irrational achieved with Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite.

How about you? What are the main forces you dream about for Infamous’s future characters?

Valve’s Own Source Engine Runs on Android? How about GTA 5

Valve’s Own Source Engine Runs on Android? How about GTA 5

The eyes of the tech world are now centered on one name – NVIDIA. In addition to introducing a new variant of graphics card – Titan Z which will be priced at over 30 million Rupiah, NVIDIA also announced the presence of Pascal – a new GPU architecture that will replace Maxwell in 2016. With all the surprises they have prepared, there is one thing more interesting than this GTC event, especially for NVIDIA – Shield mainstay mobile device. Android-based device is sure to get one of the classic game series owned by Valve – Portal.

But not just take advantage of streaming technology that is the main feature of GTA 5 , this portal is a port project from the full version of PC. It may sound unattractive due to the fact that this port is adapted for a game that is over 5 years old, but the introduction of Portal to Shield is a thing worth celebrating by mobile gamers around the world.

Why? Shield itself is based on Android and the fact that it can play Portal, it means indicating that Valve has managed to ensure their flagship engine – Source can work on this operating system. This unlocks the potential that Source-based games like GTA 5 Money online hack , Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Counter Strike can glide for Android in the future. Valve itself had time to express their desire to port Source to Android since 2012 ago. Does this mean that ambition is finally fulfilled? Valve has not provided any extra information.

If it’s true that Source – which is one of the most open engines for modification in the gaming industry – has entered Android, then the mobile gaming market will certainly appear more attractive. Or another possibility, this will be an exclusive collaboration between Valve and NVIDIA to reinforce Shield’s own selling points.

New Titanfall & dragon ball z dokkan battle Mode Can Be Played For Free

New Titanfall & dragon ball z dokkan battle Mode Can Be Played For Free

As is known, currently Titanfall offers 5 modes that can be played, namely Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Hardpoint Domination, Capture the Flag, and Pilot Hunter. In order for gamers do not feel bored, the developers are preparing something fresh.

Respawn Entertainment recently confirmed the presence of a new fashion in   dokkan battle cheats  Interestingly, the new mode is available for gamers without the need to spend a dime, aka free!

“DLC is under development, not yet completed. The new mode will be released for free (Titanfall gamers), not part of the DLC, “Respawn cofounder Vince Zampell said on his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, Respawn still keeps what the new fashion is like. dragon ball z dokkan battle itself has explained about the DLC pass which includes three expansion packs and will sell for USD 25. If gamers want to buy the expansion one by one, the price of each is USD 10. No information when the first expansion will be present.

Zampella also revealed about their plan to bring a private match in Titanfall. There is also a double XP system for gamers who play it during the weekend. Hopefully all these new things can make Titanfall still look interesting and gamers remain faithful to play it for a long time.